Positive Psychology and its Darkness

“If Santa Claus had no reindeer, which animal he could be friend with in the Christmas time?”

Yesterday, there was the beautiful and good-shaped woman came in front of the stage and answer this question.

“Buffaloes will be the friends of Santa Claus. In Thailand, we have the negative attitude toward buffalo. It is the symbol of stupidity. It is the great opportunity to change the attitude toward this animal to be the one which will bring happiness to the children and people around the world.”

First, what I really like about her answer is her creativity.


Creativity is the power to connect things that seem unrelated to be related.

and you need awareness to consider all side of things. See the similar things that they share together.

Second is her positive thought toward this buffalo. To be honest, buffalo was my taboo word. However, thanks to her creative answer, now the buffalo is the animal that brings you the happiness! Yes, sounds great right.


The situation that happens to you is not important.

What is more important is how you see it.

People have been experienced many situations. With one situation, people can view it in the different picture. Most of them quickly interpret it by their own past experience, beliefs and knowledge but how many people really see it as it is? Like the buffalo, if you are non-Thai and there was one who say “you are buffalo”, you ignored him. If you were Thai, you would be angry.


“The problem is not buffalo and the one who told you were. 

The problem is you who attached your self with the nationality.”

Yes, that is the ego of human. Forsake your religion, social status, political view or even nationality. You were not born with these stupid ideas.

You were born with nothing.


However, if you see through her answer, there is the danger in using the positive psychology. I would like to warn you that


Don’t let the positive thinking become the self-defence mechanism

Suppose your car was crushed by the truck. Because of your mind, it will lead you to interpret this situation negatively. However, with the positive psychology that you have been taught so far, you will keep giving meaning to this situation positively. This is when the danger comes. The more severe the situation is, the more you struggle yourself to tell yourself positively.


Don’t abuse the positive thinking to seal you pain away.

That is unhealthy to your mind!


What you have to do, is to look at the situation purely and unconditionally.

When the buffalo comes, don’t interpret it. It is just the buffalo! Your life is conditioned enough, so please let this animal be as it is.


Remember, when there is the positive thinking, there will always be the negative thinking. Everything is always born in pair. Good and bad. Clean and dirty. White and Black. Light and Shadow.

What you have to do is to watch over both of your positive and negative thoughts and see things as they are not you are.


  1. Very well expressed. Sometimes, forcing ourselves to think positively only leads to frustration because we are unable to confront our raw emotions. Too often, people are told to “think positive”, as if somehow it is bad to acknowledge sadness and feel hurt. We can be so much better off feeling what we feel, without judging ourselves first!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Relaxation is the key for healing people’s soul. Although the positive thoughts could help them escape from the bad situations, they will be still be sealed away somewhere in their memories. They still cannot relax. If they relax, many things that they try to hide will show up, and that is not what they want.

      The positive person can be stressful in this case. It is exact on what you mentioned, We can be so much better off feeling what we feel, without judging ourselves first!

      Thank you so much for your great comment.
      Jade the Mystic


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