The Journey of the fool and the intelligent.

The fool is the mastermind.

He has never been aware of his mind

and allow it to control him

through his thought, feeling and actions.


He thinks he has full responsibility in his life

but what he (and many people) have done all along

is to take the positions and take burden of duties

given by others and society

especially the knowledge accumulated from the past

from books, lecturers, priests, politicians and whoever.


Instead of seeing things as they are,

he will judge and react the world with various theories and principles

that are borrowed from other people, and still rely on them.

His freedom to see them with his own eyes is over.


Now, he believes in his thought, feeling and actions.

He has no doubt in the knowledge, views and actions he has.


When he knows everything,

he cannot keep learning things.

His knowledge prevents him to grow mature.

He is the walking dead.


The intelligent is the mind-master.

He simply relax and watch his mind.

He decide whether he want to go along with his mind

through his thought, feeling and actions.


He doesn’t think he has full responsibility in his life

but he has “ability to response” things based on his own actions

not others’ actions and the positions given by society

and not the borrowed knowledge accumulated from the past.


Unlike the fool with theories,

he see things with his own eyes.

he doubt on them with his own awareness.

he experiences them with his all senses

then he is knowing them without any knowledge.


That is his freedom

to know things with his own eyes not theories

Tree is tree. Bird is bird. People are people.

Not black not white

not Western not Eastern

not Christian not Buddhist.


He always doubt and carry no answers,

so he can keep learning things by himself.

His questions allow him to grow mature.

He lives his live.


React and Response

Knowledge and Knowing

Believe and Experience

No Doubt and Doubt

Dead and Alive


The more you can response,

the more you have freedom

the fewer people will help you

and the more you are mature.


  1. Well put. It takes a leap of courage to truly mature in a spiritual sense rather than simply aging. As Osho once said, “There is no answer. There are only two ways for the mind to be: full of questions and empty of questions. Maturity is coming to a point where you can live without answers; that is what maturity is. And to live without answers is the greatest and most courageous act. Then you are no longer a child. A child goes on asking questions, wanting answers for everything. A child believes that if he can formulate a question, then there must be an answer, there must be somebody to supply the answer. I call this immaturity. You think that because you can formulate a question, there is bound to be an answer; maybe you don’t know it, but somebody must know the answer, and some day, you will be able to discover it. That’s not so. All questions are man-created, manufactured by man. Existence has no answer. Existence is there, with no answers, completely silent. If you can drop all questions, a communication happens between you and existence. The moment you drop questions, you drop philosophy, you drop theology, you drop logic, and you start living, you become existential. When there are no questions, that state itself is the answer.”

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    1. You remind me one of the stories he came up. The child is dancing, then the man asked him “why are you dancing?” That is the stupid question. Why do the child has the reason to dance? He just dance freely without knowing why!


      1. Exactly! I remember there was a Neitzsche quote something along the lines of “Those who were dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”


  2. Thank you for writing this. Your depiction of (I’ll call it) “the mindful fool” offered me insight at the beginning of a work day. You have reminded me of another path to the present moment. Smiling.

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