Money: God, Devil or You

Historically, we used the barter trade system for commerce. To get products and services, we had to give some back. It was problematic since it could not be measured and standardised. That is why money is invented. It is the assumed device to facilitate the commerce.

That is when the money has became interesting for all people until now. Everyone works for money from the farmer to the stock billionaire. However, what is really important is not money. It is the mind. Money is mind.


What you think about money will reflect your mind.

Let see the negative thoughts on money.

If your mind is devil, so is money. Some people may teach you not to be too greed because of money. Don’t have too much money. Money is power. It can blind people’s eyes and mind. You will be servant of money. Living poor is better than living rich. It will show the society how holy you are. Don’t let money take away your life. It is as if the device created by satan.


but money has never been devil. Your mind is!

You are what you spend. If you spend it unconsciously, if you spend on somethings that you haven’t realise its essence to your self, you will be spent! not money. Your mind always want more and more no matter how much money you have in your pocket and bak account. Your mind has never cared! and people, who teach you that money is devil, have been unconscious.


so don’t let the unconscious people teach you about money.


Money is not God either.

I heard so many times that Money is God. it can brings us many things that we want. Beautiful clothes, luxurious trips, gorgeous cars and 5-star hotels. All! I can have all with money.

However, you will end up with despair if you still think about God like that. Sounds like you are not responsible for what you spend. Yes, before you spend your money, you enjoy freedom of choice. However, after you bought what you want, you lose your freedom. Responsibility comes. If you keep spending without responsibility, you lose your own freedom. God will flee from you!


Money is heavenly only when you are conscious.

Money is depended on your mind. It is up to what and how you spend. If you spend without realising the necessity of what you bought. You will end up with debt and hell. However, if you invest yourself by giving benefit to people. there will be more, who realise the value of your beneficial dedication, pay you money. When you are aware of yourself, you could see the flow in and out of your money so that you know what is worth to spend and what is not.


In the future, I believe that the coins and banks are no longer necessary due to the technological advance. However, you awareness has been necessary I can guarantee.



mind is the dangerous master or honest servant


depended on your conscious.


  1. Absolutely, money is not evil. Nothing is evil. It is only evil what we make out of things. Money is here for us to make our life more convenient. But we have to be careful not to identify ourselves with it.

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  2. It would be wonderful to see in our lifetime a change in the way money is created. At this point, it is becoming blatantly obvious that a small percentage of the population loan this money into existence, backed on nothing- no gold standard, nothing. It seems that the very existence of this fiat currency creates a debt in the rest of the population’s hands. Sure, we can learn to use it responsibly and for higher purposes, but in my mind our societies need to create a system of currency that isn’t in the hands of very few people and that is backed by a physical good rather than being an electronic, invisible digit on a screen that is an exchange for time and labor. How can we do this? Only time will tell!

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    1. Thank you so much for your explaination. No matter what the form money is, our mind is still playing the role. We are what we spend. I expect that the form of money will change to be spent more conveniently. That could be dangerous for the people who spend unconsciously. 😉


      1. It would be interesting to see a form of money which isn’t solely based on the selling of time. However it seems that our world is at a crossroads now between total tyranny, in which money will become fully electronic and based on time, or, towards a peaceful time in which the government will mint currency without a federal reserve to give out imaginary loans… Keep posting! 🙂

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