Put Daily Meditation in Your New Year Resolution List.

New year resolution is the one of the greatest challenges in the human life. There are so many goals that you would like to achieve. Some are for your own ego. Some are for your selves, and I suggest you have the latter ones such as keeping your body healthy, and tracking your income and expense. Those goals are for your wonderful well-being and worth living.

Everyone have goals, so do I. I suggest you lean your goals, so try to list them that you would like to achieve first. Then ask yourself


“Will I really satisfied forever if they are achieved?

If yes, they are worth to achieve. They are needed. They are called from your true self. If not, they shouldn’t be your goal! They come from mind that has never stop working for unreal desire.


Prioritise Goal.

Listen to your own heart. What is the most important to you? What is the most emergency to you?

Of course, you have to achieve the important and emergency ones first. However, do not overlook the important and not emergency ones like honing your skills (ex. practicing the third language). When you fall in the situation that need them, you can leverage it in time!


Put Meditation into your New Year Resolution List.

I know that most people fail to finish the list. That is because they lack of “discipline”, so why don’t you put meditation into the list?


Meditation is the best way to strengthen your discipline.

Let see. You close your eyes, you keep breathing in and out, and you are the witness of your own breathe. Whenever you lose yourself into your thoughts, you just bring yourself back to your own breathe again. That is the same metaphor for achieving your resolution. You may lose your sight for distraction. Whenever you know that you are distracted, bring yourself back to the list.


Gamify your list.

Don’t make the resolution so serious. Life is too short to be serious. Break your goal to the monthly goal, then daily goals. Turn them into your daily missions. In a day, when you accomplished them, you fell the momentum in you. You can so it once. You will do it more. Pride comes! Life is fun!


Bless your new year resolution be with you along 2015.


    1. To be straight, sometime resolution could come from the careless habit. For example, losing weight. This goal is unnecessary if s/he eats slowly and consciously.

      Resolution is unnecessary when we live now.here.

      With love,
      Jade the Mystic


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