Be the Giver in Christmas Day

Dear Jade the Mystic Followers


Everyone was born with nothing. Emptiness comes to their lives. When they grow up, they could be fired up with their own ignorance. Their egos create trouble to everyone around them. They misunderstands that all exist for them even the sun and the moon. They learn to be the taker.

However, if they still grow immature, unable to notice their egos, they themselves will suffer as takers, or even the givers who expect their return. They cannot know when they should be enough.

I would not say that being taker is bad but what we only need is the awareness to create sensitivity in us. Instead of taking more and more to fulfil our emptiness insanely, be appreciated to what we are given even the little. That is when people can fulfil their own emptiness so much that what they get exceed their beings. They have to share. Share no matter what. No one can bear his overwhelming appreciation like too much water coming out of the glass.

That is when we can really share everything we have to this world. You don’t need anyone to teach you to give. You will share without any laws or custom. You will share only with your own awareness.

Let’s your compassion be the best gifts to beloved people and this world.


With love,

Jade the Mystic

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