The purpose of life is to live. Celebrate it!

Christmas is really coming. I had chance to return to the high school I was graduated 8 years ago.

It is another year of giving and sharing.

This annual event has the game booths like shooting, throwing balls and so on mostly for primary children. For adult, there are shops that sell shirts and accessory with the school brands.

Football tournament,

foodie shops supported by the parents of students

and many more

but I love the opening of the fair most.

Many children with their cosplays marched at the centre of school and waited for the Christmas Song Opening! I have some pictures for you. Feel free to enjoy.

Christmas Fair 2014 at Saint Gabriel’s College



Iron Man Kid! Open his iron mask off.



The donut shop. The chocolate donut is tasty. ; )



Don’t underestimate this childish game booth. Not easy.




Lol. I love the beautiful car and a start with principal’s face!



Wait for the opening.



Teachers always strike on their cosplay.



When does this school has Pikachu as the marching band leader?



Let the battle begins!


Shirts, shirts everywhere. The outstanding one will be sell out first.



Little Supermen.



Count the number of kings? Challenge Accept!



We have angel opens Christmas Fair. ; )




The purpose of life is to live. Celebrate it!


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