Return to Yourself in the University of Death

The chaos has continued through many generations. The young who cry for change would like to fight against the old who cry for changing nothing. Life before 42 years old is the moment that human spend their life worldly. Strongly suggest to Understand that life cycle here before reading further. However, when you are beyond 42 years old, everything change in you “spiritually”. Maybe because death is coming to you.

The grey hair comes to you. The brain is no longer fresh. The eyes become a little blur, and you have lower energy to move. That is the very great time for you forest rather than fight.

42 – 48: Find to meaning of death

That is sarcastic for human. Before 42, they struggle to find the meaning of life. Now, they are going to find the meaning of death signalling its coming. Religion, therefore, is the first thing that could give them answer. Without notice, Buddha words, Bible and Al Qur’an become their best books. They also become interested in afterlife while your lifetime is going to fall down. Life is short, so they stop interested in others and return to be interested in themselves “again” but this time, you may not be driven by ego like when you were 0-7.

49 – 55: Get lost spiritually

You may have experienced in getting lost when you, driven by passion, were 21-28 to find your true self and have your ideal lifestyle. You had to try and fail things so many times before you succeed. Now you have to get lost again but to continue searching the spiritual existence. You are no longer interested in sex. That is just a toy for immature. Success is just the illusion you might think that you should not have wasted time for. All social conditions are thrown away. You focus on spiritual practice, chanting and meditation.

56 – 62: Innocence Return

Meditation is just like the adventure to the unknown. You face the mysterious life. Everything around you is unknown. If you could recall when you were 7-14, you ask really everything around your from your parents, teachers or even your friend. This time, south will return to you again. However, you could leave your doubt as it is. You become innocent and intelligent. Questions appear because you are aware of yourself and surrounding. You can know the answer from your own experience not belief, the already-made answer from religion. That is when your question will truly disappear with your intelligence.

63 – 70: Alert of Death

Now you become to your own energy. You will do very few things. Read less. Speak less. Walk less. Eat less. You are going to move deeper into your own being. You are nothing bust your energy. You are more silent. You are with yourself. If you grow truly naturally, you could enlighten. You enjoy all very moments in your life even you are going to pass away. Future is unnecessary for you not only you don’t have more lifetime to enjoy your future bust also you can be independent from the past. Death is beautiful. Enjoy it.

If you grow naturally, you will pass these period of life. Awareness is only what you need because the society and people around us always block us to grow naturally. See? Sex becomes the great marketing trick to promote products and services. That is for the teenager. Society with sex as marketing tool can fool and trap people immature. I will explain how society is so cunning to keep human immature.

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