What is on your mind?

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Before you type the status on Facebook, it asks you “what is on your mind?” You are encouraged to share your thought and your feeling. However, are you sure that you perceive things around you as they are, or you sense and judge them according to the world of your mind? That is why it is vital to know and be aware of your mind before it could bring problems to your life.

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What do you really see?

If you see the triangle, your mind works well. However, look at this picture very carefully, there is no triangle! It must be perceived as the lines and the black areas. In your real life, you see many things more than this picture, but are you aware of your mind? They could make you interpret them as the bad situations which could be good, or as the good ones which could be bad.

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Which are circles at the centre of other circles have the bigger size?

If your mind is working, the right centre circle seems bigger than the left one which is not true! They have the same size. Think of your real life that you have already been unique. However, you feel superior to the people who have things fewer than you and feel superior to ones who have more than you. You let them determine your happiness, and is it right?

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This become more trouble when you are not the only one in this world. If other people except you tell you that the the right centre circle is bigger than the left one, will you be courage enough to argue them that their size are them same? or feel fear to do that and agree with them? When people in the society are not aware of their own mind, you will be in trouble to see things.

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Life is complex if you don’t watch your mind. You will compare to other people and things. If you feel inferior to them, you will start to find and possess money, merit, fame and knowledge to become the “new you” that answers yourself who you really are. You may become the celebrity, president, or whoever but they are your false substitute created by surroundings and your own mind. It is your mask. It is your ego. It is the result when you forget your true self. You are fake!

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That is why the world could be tragic. We were born and poisoned by being taught to keep finding and possessing things. It is the by-product of the society that has already laid the operational and conditional learning for you. If you have money, merit, fame and knowledge, people will come and admire you as god otherwise they will insult and repel you away like pest.

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You learn to create your false substitute. You are not happy with your very present time, so you are living with your past memory recorded by your brain and future imagination also created by it. Actually, future is the modified version of the past. If you love your past, you want to repeat it. If you hate it, you will avoid it, and what will be if your future is to become your false substitute! Your future is going to be fake.

Mind is the dangerous mater but honest servant. It is thought produced by your brain, the amazing small biocomputer. Therefore, be aware of your mind so that you can use it not vice versa.


  1. Wow, i love the images and how you related them to such profound reflections on our behavior. Thanks for inspiring me to let go of the notions I have about who I need to be, and focus on the present moment!


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