Revitalise your Soul by Slowing Down

Write Things Out By Hand

Take it from research psychologists Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles, just investigated how terrible laptops are for note-taking in classrooms. The skilled typists’ brain will never engage the material they note especially through critical thinking. But taking note by hand, you cannot write down every word the speaker says but use representative quotes, summarise concepts, and ask questions about what you don’t understand. By slowing down the process of taking notes, you accelerate learning.

Sip your drink not throw it

Bring two glasses of your favourite drink in front of you. (Mine are chocolate). Let start with the first glass. For the one who drinks fast. He will never know its taste as if it has never existed. You miss it only because of your mind that has never realised its existence, it taste, so he keeps drinking it more and more. Then, he ends up with obesity because things have never been realised when your body has always been real. It is mind that makes people fat. Now you know the idea what to do with the second glass if you would like to enjoy your drink and have the good shape.

Walk slowly with your foot

That is the one of the meditation style. Just walk slowly. Watch your right step, then left…right…left. Watch carefully while you are lifting your foot….your leg….move it…and drop for down on the ground. The more watchful you walk, the more you can feel life. To be watchful is to “realize” every action you do including your life too. That is how to revitalise by walking slowly.

The holiday is coming. For me, it is not good idea to go to places most people would like to go. It is the day to relax and free from people yet many plan to go to the same place. Sometime, going nowhere and celebrate life here and now is the best idea to relax your body and soul with your family and friends.


  1. Soto Zen Buddhism has a walking meditation.

    On every exhale take a slow and yes it takes balance and focus to perform.

    The body can go at hyper speeds, the mind works best with brakes applied, as a default.

    The neuroscientists agree with this. We live life, mind focused, slow and aware, our parasympathetic nervous system engages when we meditate..

    Taste life, I like it

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    1. Exactly. it is easy to start with slowing ourselves down. I am not against being fast but being fast without consciousness will bring unnecessary stress.

      We can start with being slow to raise awareness then become fast with the full awareness. : ))

      Life with out consciousness is not life at all. Although it is, it is boring. : )))


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