Study Life in the University of Life

You are what you eat, read, see and consume. Everything that you have taken all along could determine your life. If there was no “social poison”, you would grow up naturally and beautifully. To be biological, you will have the whole new cells in your body every 7 years. Lets see the cycle of human life.

0 – 7 Year: The Egocentric Emperor

Everyone were born with no ability to help themselves. That is why the baby of human is the weakest creature compared to other animals. Thus, they need help from their parents serving food, clothes and shelters for them. They will be helped in everything. Just cry out loud and get service. With ignorance, they misunderstood all exist only for them. Ego starts to grow this stage.

7 – 14 Year: The First Adventurer

Then the egocentric children turn to be interested in their surrounding more than themselves. They just come out of their centre, seek adventure and ask so many questions that parents get so tired to answer them all. They are as if philosopher who interfere in everything. They even analyse things by cracking them out to see the inside even their own same-gender friends. That is when eternal friendship comes since the sex issue hasn’t visited to them yet.

14 – 21 Year: The Casanova Theatre

Teenagers in this stage have the pure heart. They become interested in the opposite gender but the sex issue hasn’t visited to them yet. How they are interested in each other will be different from the previous stage. They aren’t interested in each other as they are but labeled them with the sex concepts. Romantic moment and flirting comes to prepare for the real world. Love becomes the biggest issue for them.

21 – 28 Years: Wanna-be the Stressful Dreamer

Then, they turn to be crazy on becoming success like Bill Gate and Warren Buffet. Always claim that the education failed to teach us success by referring successful people without being graduated from school. Blabbering the ambition, passion, inspiration and desire. Keep setting goals and taking actions for financial independence with no end. Dream about living with the luxurious house and the prime minister position. Stressful competition is the everything to them.

28 – 35: Citizen in the Line

Passing so many adventure, they would like to be stable, feel convenience and relax. They finally understand that not everything that they can really achieve. They just want some place that they can live peacefully without being disturbed. Insurance and saving money become the issue. They start to follow the traditional path society gives to them.

35 – 42: The Successful and Stubborn

Continuing the stable lifestyle, finally they achieve their desire so far. Now, they have to do everything to defend it. Ridiculous, I just think of the dwarfs in “The Hobbit” finally return their home castle and defend it. That is the conflict of the society. They become so mainstream that they are against any changes that come from ambitious people blaming them as the old-fashioned head.

All have happened within the university of life. The egocentric madness is the point of chaos among people in this university. One is thirsty for change. Another is thirsty to be against change. However, all do for themselves. They allow themselves to be identified to their own ideologies. To transcend these dysfunctional minds, we should learn death in the university of death.

To be continued.


  1. Enjoyed how you broke the year cycles for humans and explained how it worked. It’s an approach i haven’t seen in a while. But what I think I like most about your entire article was the first sentence your wrote, saying, “You are what you eat, read, see and consume. Everything that you have taken all along could determine your life.” I guess i’m normally used to phrase, you are what you eat. I never heard anyone else use those other phrases in their writing before and it’s…well really fascinating to think about really. I mean, it makes total sense. We may read one book about psychology, but that doesn’t make us an expert at it. It doesn’t even give us full credentials to talk about it. It’s constantly repeating a habit that makes us good at something. That’s how bad habits turn people towards a dark path. That’s why, it’s often said, you are who you hang around with.

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    1. Thank you so much for your great comment. Glad you love it.
      Exactly, look at around us. Observe our lifestyle very carefully. It is the path that we choose.
      Sounds like the magnet that bring what our mind prefers to.
      Point is if we couldn’t be aware of what we have consumed so far,we could be surrounded by trash.
      Mind always come up with the unreal desire. That is why the unconscious one ends up with mess. : )

      I would like to add that although one becomes the expert in psychology,
      he just learn how mind works. However, it teaches nothing how to transcend our mind.
      That is what we have to learn and experience in our own being, in my opinion, thought meditation.

      Have a wonderful life
      Jade the Mystic

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