Science will Prove All Religions but When?

Most people have their own religion. Some said it is the thing that they can “grab on” but some are curious in the existence of the context in religion. Did it really happen? Were the supernatural phenomena possible? Therefore, let me explain from philosophy to science.


The art of asking (the wrong question)

I could say that every field of knowledge in this world starts from asking question. That is the intelligence of human. You could observe this from children around 8 – 14 years old. It is the lifetime that they absorb so many answers or even skills. They could come up with so many questions around them. What is the God? Why do we yawn? Why do we go to the temple? or even why do we exist? They want the answers that even adults do also, so the society will prepare the answer for them. That is religion.

Religion: One truth. Many Music

We could say that religion has been developed from the fear in human heart. Having no answers to human questions are dangerous. They want something to protect their “ego”, so the religion comes up with the answers for them as a shield. All religion teachers gave us all answers to let people “believe” then stop being doubtful. That is dangerous to our intelligence. Having all answers means we stop learning and growing mature. Plus, many people claim that religions have no proof in its reality. That is when they come up with science.

Science: The key to unlock the truth.

The questions lead to the great inventions and answers through scientific experiment. Quantum physics is the outstanding science telling us that element and energy are convertible. It is the science that could explore what religion tells us all along. If someone says “I don’t believe in any religions because they couldn’t be scientifically proved.”, it implies the great responsibility for science to prove them otherwise religion still exist and keep fooling people with the instant answers. In the other word, science experiment is responsible for the human intelligence too.

Science must replace religion but when?

There should be no religion but science. However, do not misunderstand that religion is completely unnecessary. Of course, religion should not exist in terms of belief but the guideline. Practically, modern science is still underdeveloped to prove the supernatural phenomena behind the religion curtain. The problem is “when can science prove all religion instant answers?”

No, we don’t have to wait any quantum physician or any scientist prove them for you. “You” can prove them through “meditation.” With mediation, you won’t know what will happen to you. It is mysterious, and that is good to let you stay in your own intelligence. Being unanswered will bring you experiment within your inner being.

Enjoy the mysterious path.

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