Relieve the Pain from Tangle of Justice

Almost 5 years ago that I enjoyed the psychology stage show in the small theatre at the centre of Dunedin. The show master asked the audiences ….

Imagine you were driving the train but the steering wheel was broken except the switching gear. You completely lost control on it. In front of you, there were two railways to go. First had 10 people. The second one has 20 people. They could not notice the upcoming of the train. Which way you had to choose?



Judge the world by comparing the number

This is the way that economist loves most, and sometime so do we. It seems easy that we choose the second route because 20 people are more than 10 people. However, what if the second route had 10 people? Theoretically, you become indifferent but you don’t in practice. The psychological tension came to you. You might be confused and ask yourself “who really don’t deserve death?”


Free will

Determine the reason to do things without being controlled

You might relax your psychic tension if I add that the second one was old and officially abandoned many years ago, so you could decide more easily decide that those people on the second route don’t deserve death and choose the first one since they choose to stay there, the old one. In the other word. to be safe. However, what if there was 100 people on the first one? The psychic stress comes to you again. Such a pain, isn’t it? You might end up with the second one.



Everything has the value in the right time and place

The complexity hasn’t end yet. You might make voice easily if there are each 10 people on both way but the last 10 people are all terrorists. You could judge that deserve to die not only on the second route but also in this world, so you choose to drive on the second. However, what if last 10 people “all” are your family, best friend and beloved partners or even celebrities? You may chose to drive on the first way. The stress comes when all 20 people are all your beloved people.


Reading until this, you could notice the tangle of justice that drives you crazy, and this is the world. That show was explained very well by Michael J. Sandal, the professor of Harvard University.


Now, I would like to challenge you. What if the devil imprison your father and your mother, then suggest you the offer to choose only one to be freed? If you choose, which one will you save? I would like to listen to your answer. I suggest you to be aware of yourself before you answer. After you answer, you might get the mental reliever here.


Enjoy the few days before new year begins.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


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