What is the best posture for meditation?

That is the classic question. There are so many postures for meditation. Please don’t compare among them. Each of them is unique to individual’s energy like you cannot instruct the fish to climb the tree like the monkey and bird to crawl like the snake.

Do nothing

Take action to see reward. Do nothing and be ignored – Matthew E. Fryer.

Action is the foundation key to success – Pablo Picasso.

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. – Bruce Lee

and many cool quotes that drive us stress to take action and succeed but not enlighten. To be enlighten, do nothing like Winnie the Pooh “Nothing is impossible, so I do nothing everyday.” If you observe the past mystics like Buddha, Jesus even Krishna, they profound that life is purposeless. Nothing is worth to achieve. Thus, during meditation, do not set any goal even to enlighten. Life is the goal itself. Meditation is the goal itself.

More understanding? here

Keep back straight

When it comes to the psychotherapy, you have to lay yourself down beside the therapist, then you feel relax to explain your life problems to him who is actually the stranger to you. I accept that psychotherapist is beneficial. However, there is another way to heal yourself. Relax..but keep your back straight. This is scientific. With your back being straight, the blood will go to your brain harder, then your mind will slow down. That is why you need pillow to sleep. However, sleeping is the relaxation without consciousness which is required for meditation.

Close your eyes

Among 5 senses of human, visual one is used for 80% of all senses. If you close you eyes, you will listen better, smell better, taste better and feel better. Most meditation practices need you to close them all. However, it is useless if you are just meditative for an hour and become unconscious for 23 hours. Thus, even if you finally have to open your eyes and spend you life, be still conscious.

Listen to surrounding until nothing

This is opposite to what people think of meditation. “Doesn’t meditator listen to nothing?” but I have a question “does your mind instruct you to listen to nothing?”. Mind is cunning more than you think. Actually, you should listen to the bird singing, wind passing and surrounding. They will let you to be at present. Ignore them will let you miss the presence. Listening to them is better than listen to your mind at least. The voice from your mind come from your memory from the past and your imagination from the future.

Last, breathe in and out slowly…deeply…watchfully. It always connect to the belly, the source of life and nose, the gateway of life. You can learn more on breathing in and out here. However, learning in berating meditatively must be the individual experience. No matter how many people teach you about meditation, learn it by yourself.


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