How truth of the world strengthens your ego

Let say when you have the conversation with another. He tells you that the sun rises in the west and set in the east. You could argue him that he is incorrect, and tells that it rises in the east and sets in the west. Of course, you said the truth. However, both fall in the the trap of ego. Here is how any truth strengthen your ego.

I am right. You are wrong.

One of the most common behaviour of ego is to keep identifying with something like thought and feeling even the truth and knowledge. Whenever you cling ti the truth so much that you are going to become the truth yourself, you lose your self. That is how ego begins, be unable to remember yourself just to label everyone. Certainly, you cannot become the truth if there is no one to be wrong “for” you. No matter what you said is right or wrong, do not attach to it.

I know everything. You know nothing.

I know one thing: that I know nothing. That reflected the wisdom of Socrates. In the other word, the fool is the one who tells the world that s/he knows everything. Why? because you will be unable to learn and grow more mature if you are omniscient. Someone might be angry to me like “do I try to imply that God is fool?” I could replied that if there is God like that, yes he is. For me, God is inside us to know nothing and keep understanding life and live it now. That is how people become intelligent and mature.

I have right to speak. You don’t.

This is commonly found among the Doctoral graduates and professors especially in my country. The bad attitude is that if one become the expert, people will listen to you. If you didn’t, they won’t. Therefore, some struggle to achieve the highest rank in each industry just to let people listen to them. They will be given the right to speak and shut others’ mouth up. However, you don’t have to achieve those labels. They weren’t with you when you were born. They are nothing about your self. Just throw them away. There is no one most suitable to listen to you more then yourself!

Please don’t misunderstand me. What I explain to you all is just to share my idea. I need not to be right and you need not to be wrong and vice versa. The ego in someone always needs other to be wrong so that s/he will be right, to be fool so that s/he will be clever, to be silent so that s/he will be the speaker. Drop your ego and be responsible to listen to your inner being.

What do you think? Feel free to share here. : )


  1. Very good explained! Truth is as subjective as everybody’s fingerprint. We benefit from it when we understand. When we try to see the world through other people’s eyes we widen our horizon.


  2. Today I read a post about ego. I like its last quote “The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, the work you do, social status and recognition, knowledge and education, physical appearance, special abilities, relationships, person and family history, belief systems, and often nationalistic, racial, religious, and other collective identifications. None of these is you.” – Eckhart Tolle
    Here is the link


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