3 Lessons from Breathing In and Out

In every kinds of meditation, breathing is vital. It helps you going back home and stop misunderstand tat you have a life. You are life. Breathing will bring you to be yourself again. That is what everyone should do with full awareness. Unfortunately, people keep being busy with their works. Therefore, these are benefits of breathing that could interest them.

 Simple is Right

Last 3 weeks, there were 2 seminars in the public speaking conference for me to attend. First is “Life”. Second is “the Art of Negotiation”. Both sounds uninteresting but I didn’t hesitate to ignore the first one. “Life”? If I met the speaker of this seminar, I would tell him “just breath”. The point is that there is really no need for anyone to explain life for an hour. There is no word that can explain life better than the air that you take into your lung and release out from your nose. Simple!

Everything is worth to be appreciated

It is not just the wind around you. It is the air that you need to exist. Everything is important to help you exist. From my experience, during meditation, I consider what helps me exist. The food that I take. The farmer, merchant and chef that provide and cook the food for me. The employers that pay salary for them. All people and things are connected as chain to help each other exist. Whenever I realise that i can still breath in and out, I feel thankful to everything. We all exist even the one we hate, so we can love each other. That is when we reach God, the world of oneness.

Help you live longer

If you stop breathing, you die of course. My grandfather told me to keep breathing as the secret to be immortal. That is funny and has the point. To breath effectively, inhale slowly and deeply. Allow the air to expand your lung. According to the research, breath fast and short will bring other health problems. The Oxygen will feed your cells like you become strong and full when you have a food. Carbon dioxide and other germs will be driven out” That is the secret of living longer.

     Whenever you breath meditatively, your body and soul are healed. Plus, you can heal them without depending on any doctors and psychology. Remember, whatever problem you have, meditation is the only one medicine. If you consider the root word of “meditation”, it comes from “medic” as same as medicine.

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