I have a friend. He is Christian. I asked him about the conversation between the lawyers and Jesus. I asked him “What did Jesus’s answers when that lawyers asked him what the highest laws of Christ”. He replied “Love is the highest laws and love others like love yourself”. For people who were still trapped by their own mind, they will misunderstand that there is laws for love, which totally wrong! Here is the explanation how laws and beliefs mess love.

Throw the marriage laws away and love!

If you go through the family laws, it really reflect the fears in human heart more than strengthen love for couples. It talks about the roles of husband and wife as well as the asset management before they marry until they die or divorce. The marriage laws exists to confirm the eternality of love. With laws, each can create the negotiation game. If you don’t give me money and treat me well, I will not love you. That is not love. That is fear. That is politics! If couples really love each other, they just feel thankful and share things to each other without any insane laws. Simple! (See the idea to turn love timeless with meditation here)

You can love parents

without being forced to love.

There are the dirty ideas for parents to give life to the children just to expect that they will help treat them back in the future. When they keep growing up, parents always teach us to be gratitude and repay them back otherwise we will be sinful and no longer being treated anymore. It is the dirty negotiation game that keep us obey. However, they really love parents, they will feel gratitude toward them without any negotiation. Their love will be shared to every people and of course the parents who are closed to them will receive their love first without any negotiation.

You don’t need nation to love people.

Weapons doesn’t exist just for war. Because of fear, the nation collected them because other nation keep collecting them too. Plus, the government is serious on the territory lines that are “assumed”. It is human-made. It is line of fear of being exploited. Thus, it is disgusting when soldiers threaten citizens that they needs them otherwise they won’t be protected. However, both weapons and territory lines are unnecessary when love exists. Love happens when each nation feel thankful to each other. They will help each other without exploitation. It sounds too optimistic but it is possible when individual can sensitively enjoy more with fewer things.

If you read carefully, there are always laws and negotiation against each other. They reflect fear. They are unnecessary when true love exists. However, the reason why Jesus answer that love is the highest laws because the one who asked him is the lawyer who have the fixated mind. It is brilliant to answer differently depended on the one who raises the question.


Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.

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