5 Stages Meditator become Lover

Realize everything even your self

     Love is real. Unobserved mind is unreal. Love has never made you blind until mind comes. Drop any of your judgment attitude (see more here) especially toward your self. Your self must exist to love and be loved. If you create the mental image replacing your self, you will be unreal, unable to love and be loved. Perceive with full awareness is the great start. You could start with Vipassana here.

Be sensitive

     That is the key for everything. When you know that things that you sense are real as they are (not you are), sense them little by little. Feel them even you are taking shower. The water is cool, feel it. Become the coolness. Meditation is need for sensitivity. When we meditate, we close our eyes so that we can hear better, smell better, taste better and feel better. Optical sense is 80% of all senses, so the quality of other sense will rise when they close.

Understand the sound of silence

     All languages cannot explain the whole nature as well as the close relationship. Their words reach their potential to explain it. (It is our ego to explain nature in words) Let the silence explains your closed relationship. Look at your closed friend, parents and soulmate with your bare eyes, realise and enjoy that s/he exists on front of you. Understand that all are connected because they exist like you. Be happy by being silent not listening to any words. Don’t let the sound of language destroy your intimacy. Let the sound of silence explain everything the word cannot. 

Don’t waste time to define love. Just love.

To be linguistic, word come from the combination of sound and meaning. The meaning is made by the judging idea than was dropped after we realise things. In the other words, words come from the thoughts mind created. They are unreal while love is real. How can love be defined by the unreal? From my experience, whenever we feel sensitively thankful toward things, we experience love. You have to be meditative to feel love. That is why meditation needs us to shut our mouth up. To watch or at least slow our minds more than split words out. From my experience, no need to label anyone as your parents, friends or soulmate. Just love them!

Share without reason

Come to the last stage. Whenever you become meditative, you can enjoy fewer things in the high quality. You don’t need “more” to experience. You can transcend the mind that wants more and know “enough”. Being sensitive, you feel overwhelming that you have to share without reason. It will be the first time for you to thank you the “taker” otherwise you will suffer from having too much. That is how meditators do good things to the world without being forced by laws and beliefs.

I still keep asking question “do we really need too much laws enforcement and religious thoughts to help people stop doing bad and start doing good?” Too much rules and practices are insane. What we only need is meditation. With mediation, we can love and share without any laws. We can be the lovers without words. We can share without reason. That is the world we would like to live.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


    1. Dear Erika

      First, I love to say that I feel so appreciated to this award. I have just very newbies for blogging to be honest. However, I realize that my post and my engagement will benefits readers.

      I am so proud of this award. Thank you for visiting my blog and giving me lesson to improve my blog. If I have any question about blogging, I will need your advices. :))

      Plus, I will visit other blogs that got award from you. They must be awesome too.

      Thank you so much again.
      Jade the Mystic

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      1. It is not only what you write, but more how you write it. At least it is a way of explaining that goes straight into my inner being! That’s why I think your blog is excellent. If I can be of any support, just let me know 😉

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