Have a Real Life with Vipassana Meditation

     First, I have to tell you. This is not the technique for meditation. Meditation has never had any techniques otherwise stress will visit to you. Meditation is just do nothing that brings the understanding. (See the three essences of meditation here) However, when it comes to Vipassana, you can “realize” everything that comes, maintains and goes. It is the enlightenment through the repetition that nothing last forever especially you even the world.

     Don’t forget to bring your total awareness to the repetition by slowing yourself down otherwise it will waste your life like the robot repeating its activities with no ideas. Here are three ideas of Vipassana you can choose.

Be Aware of Your Actions

     This way is suitable for the busy people who don’t have time to sit down for an hour to hourly meditate. “Whatever” you move. slow your actions and realise them. For example, know perfectly that the food is in front of you, you are moving your hand, you are picking up the spoon, you are taking food, the food is on the spoon, you are opening your mouth, bring food in to your mouth, you are chewing it, you are tasting it, you are enjoying it and you are swallowing it.

     (WIth this way, you will enjoy more with fewer things. You could even lose your weight!)

Be Aware of Breathing through the Belly

     Just realise only your breathing, the source of life that everyone forget when they keep working and playing. As breath goes in, your belly start rising up. As breath goes out, your belly start settling down again. The belly is so closed to the life sources since the child is joined with the maternal life through the naval. That is life you can “enjoy” (without any passion for achievement) When you are aware more of the belly, the minds and heart becomes silent, and the moods vanish.

Be Aware of Breathe at the Entrance

     Breath in, and feel the coolness when the air goes in through your nostrils. Feel it extremely. Breath out, and feel the warmth when the air goes out through your nostrils. Be extremely sensitive so you become thankful to the air. It isn’t just the air around you. it will become your breath that help you exist. Not only you who just breathe, other do also. We are connected through breathing. When we bring thankfulness to the air we share, love happen meditatively.

     You should slow yourself down just to have time to be aware of everything and every moment that “always “come, maintain and goes from you. This is what you can learn from Vipassana. This is how Lord Buddha taught the small children about the enlightenment. Remember, don’t evaluate things either good or bad. Don’t get involve with them. You are just the watcher.

The real life is yours when you realise everything


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