If you would like to be yourself, here are the list of things you have to free from.


     We were given positions from the society and many institutions since we were born including our names. It is convenient to identify people especially the modern age. However, due to ignorance, we cling to the positions and name as if we were broom with them. When someone irritated that position, we become angry.


Next things that society give to the people for recognition their merit and skill. Again, due to ignorance, they misunderstood that they will be superior to others. Others will feel inferior to them. It is such the mind game. Child plays. When they die, game is over. It is the ego that they keep clinging to feel better.


You are what you have consumed so far. How many things that we bought to response our basic needs and our ego? Some buy car just for transportation. Some do for their reputation. If you use that brand, you are old-fashioned. If you use this brand, you are so cool. However, your being has never been neither cool or old-fashioned. Don’t let things tell who you are. it is just illusion.


Do you close to this person? or that person? If you were closed, you would be so popular. I usually observed that when he has his friends becoming successful, he will claim that they are his friends. Some also need people for their own protection. Look at many occupations that keeps the people in the society dependable; lawyers, psychologists, politicians and doctors. If individual can take care of yourself 100 percent, these occupations could extinct.


When you are with another person, there will be 4 persons. Who you think you are, who you think he is, who he think you are and who he thinks he is. Words come from your own mental images. If those words are not true to “your being”, just let them go. Don’t cling to them otherwise they will fortify your ego and create dis-ease in you.


That is for the one who really lack of creativity. Have you ever seen the artists, poets, dancers and musicians in the parliament? Never. They can create many things without any political and economic power. Look at Adolf Hitler, he would like to be the architect but his works were not outstanding and no universities accepted him to study architect, so he turned to be the fearful leader, gain power and build his works that people “must accept”.


We imitate because we forget ourselves. That is insanity Albert Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Forgetting our true nature doesn’t means that it has never existed in us. Here is the suggestion; keep imitating until you feel tension. Then giving up what you cannot do, and continue what you can do. That is your true nature.


When someone knows more, it doesn’t mean that he is superior to anyone. Knowledge is just the borrowed ideas from others. It has never been original. if you view the world with your knowledge, the blind can view it better than you. For example, if there is the child, the economist said he doesn’t exist in the market mechanism. The lawyer said he must need permission from his parents to buy things. Both are blind. He is just a child!


Last is the most important. You have the past because you remember it. If you like the past, you will repeat it in the future. If you don’t, you will avoid it in the future. Thus, your future is nothing but the by-product of the past that you have never been free. Thus, live your life now!

Do not ask yourself that if you could free from them, what will you do creatively? Enjoy you life!


Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. We were given positions from the society and many institutions since we were born including our names. It is convenient to identify people especially the modern age.

    We are indoctrinated, society defines success and then equates it to happiness.

    The foundation is quicksand

    Again we follow a creature, a shadow we create, let him bring emotional judgments that may do harm to,our being,
    So this creation “I” does not even have the capacity to care about my wellbeing

    Why follow something like that

    Happiness in my opinion, is only experienced in this moment, mthe “I” cognitive machine is always accompanied by the ego.

    Any time we engaged in thought that is not directed is honoring the creation, the ego and giving up the only time we can find happiness

    It is a matter of time and attention then

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    1. If only one percent of people become meditative,

      There will create the efficient community.

      Many unnecessary institutions and career like police, lawyers, politician will be reduced.

      😉 thank you so much for your comment.

      Jade the mystic


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