3 Best Lessons from Meditating on the Beach

     2 weeks ago, I went to the Pattaya beach with my friends from Saturday Toastmaster Club. Of course, it was fun. When I stepped on the sand with my bear feet, I didn’t know the last time I was on the sand. The Pattaya sand was so comfortable that I had to swim in the sea. After I did, I was so enjoyed floating myself. Soon, I could relax and laid any thoughts being waved.

That was when I realised that it was meditation. I could become the sea itself.

Here are 3 lessons that could help you understand more while you are meditating.

Put any effort down and be friend with nature.

That made me remind when I and my friends were test to float ourselves in the swimming pool for 5 minutes 8 years ago. While they kept …climbing the water, I just lay my whole body on the water without any effort. When I went to the beach, I did the same thing. My back is supported with the sea. My eyes are on the bear sky. I am between the sea and sky. That is no try to be happier. I could bring the meditation in me, to live with the present.

Ignorance will make you miss the natural beauty

We usually imagine that the danger is under the sea because of its width and depth. Some fear to swim in the sea. Some could but don’t want to see under the sea. I found this truth when my friend throw me the swimming glasses. I wore it and took a look under it. What a beautiful world that the sunlight cannot show me. This is the same for meditation. When you close your eyes, it turns dark. Don’t let the ignorance stop you to experience utter silence, the beauty of meditation.

Don’t sit silently like traditional meditation.

The misunderstanding for many people is that the meditator must sit silently and keep breathing in and out. However, meditation doesn’t against action. You can dance meditatively. You body is moving beautifully when you can rest inside the centre of your being. You should listen to the sea and wave rather than voice in your mind even your mind say “it is not meditation. Sit down and do nothing”. If you listen to your mind, you will miss the holy things around you.

Understand that life is purposeless. Nothing is for being achieved. Nothing is worthwhile for being achieved. Relax and you can rest with your true nature.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


  1. I experienced meditation at the ocean as most energizing, vitalizing and inspiring. More than anywhere else. And then I also don’t meditate silently with closed eyes but very aware of my surrounding, the sound of the waves, the taste of the air, the wind, the animals around… simply soaking up everything around me. I had my greatest ideas and visions at the beach. There I decided to write my first book! Wonderful post of inspiration! I just feel myself at my favorite place in California reading it.

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    1. Listen to the nature. Become with the nature. That is when we are with peace. You are right on awareness. We can move meditatively with it. Let everything soak us but put the awareness in them! Thank you so much for your sincere comment. 😉

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