Here is the Meditation that Helps You Sleep Better.

Many people prefer meditating in the morning to before bedtime, so do I since we haven’t experience our days yet. However, meditation before bedtime is also useful especially for the people with trouble sleep. To be short, here are three main benefit of meditating before you sleep.

Restore Breathing

Vital! You keep working and playing outside. Even if you are breathing, you don’t realise that you are. Breathing is the source of life that is forgotten and replaced with hurry and busy-ness. Thus, return to your seat alone and start breathing. Bring the oxygen around you to feed cells inside you and create the immunity.

Prepare sleeping

Someone said, I always sleep when I meditate, and I would like to keep meditating. Congratulation. You are on the right track otherwise you don’t even know you are going to sleep. Your consciousness is working well, so don’t worry. Relaxation is the shared concept between sleeping and meditation. Meditator is the one who realises every moment that he is sleeping. Both recharges your energy but meditation will help you know the moment it is recharging.

Leave your problems now

That is why meditation before sleeping will cure trouble sleeping. Any troubles that you worry will not be solved suddenly but with meditation, they are no matter to you. When you meditate, you realise the flow of thoughts both good and bad ones. That is when you keep space from them instead of becoming them. The more you watch them, the wider space you are against problems. They will be so far away that they are just so small problems that you can let them go.

Therefore, to prepare you sleep peacefully, here are some simple suggestion.

Keep your back and neck up

Most of the meditation post would like you to keep your back and neck up so that the blood will go to your brain harder since it resists the gravity force. This is understandable that less blood in our brain could slow our mind down until we reach the state of no-mind. The deep sleeper will think nothing until the morning. That is why we sleep more easily with pillow with the same reason in straightening back and neck.

Breath Slowly and Deeply

From the experience, if you keep watching your breathe before you fall asleep, you will find that you exhale longer than inhale. If you breathe fast, anxiety and stress comes to you and meditation will not help you sleep better. Thus, breathe in slowly and deeply. breathe out slowly and deeply. This will be helpful with the following last suggestion.

Feel Yourself

To get rid of anxiety and stress once and for all before you sleep. Leave your thoughts now. In the other words, they will not belong to tomorrow. You cannot sleep while you keep thinking, so listen to yourself. Listen to your breathe and your heartbeat. Feel your body. Be aware of it. Watch it so that you can create the space from your body like your thought. Leave your body recharging, rejuvenating while you enjoy utter silence inside your being.

Now you are ready for meditation. Keep your back and neck up, breath slowly and deeply and feel yourself. Have a good sleep and wake up fresh like a child again!

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.

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