7 Insights for Your Freedom Lifestyle Now

More people keep crying for freedom from their daily works as salaryman to the unfair political ideologies. However, they keep walking on the street like zombies rushing to their boring offices, the places where your creativity will be destroyed within 5 years. Even the political protestors do the same thing like yelling against their government. Ridiculously, all do the same things and expects the different result like freedom.

Therefore, to be free, just nothing and understand these followings.


Be Fully Aware of yourself

The one who has never be free is the one who keep doing without thinking that s/he has more ways to do with life. Don’t let any situations fully control you emotionally even physically. Be alert on what you are doing. Slow yourself down. Then, you will gradually realise your existence and more choices you can select to do.


Be yourself

If you live your lives with the knowledge, beliefs and laws that your family, your school, your government, drop them down for a while as well as your past experience. They keep dragging you not to be yourself. To live your life with your freewill, give up on living with them if they turn your life stressful. Remember, living with tension is wrong. Living with ease is right. When you keep giving up until you cannot give up, that is your true nature!


Be creative

That is the common problem for most people. They have no single ideas after they are free. The prisoners willingly returned to the Bastille Jail for the food after they were free in French Revolution. Salaryman who fail in investing in the business as the passive income will return to apply jobs. If you would like to be truly free, make sure that you have the smart and creative choices than what you are doing right now.


Understand each other

Being yourself and creative is not enough because you are living with others. Your choices of lives may fit you best but may not for others. Understand your beloved people even strangers what they are thinking and feeling. Let’s brainstorm ideas to meet the win-win situations. That is when the celebration begins.


Do nothing

There are the man and the monk. The man asked the monk for the freedom. He asked him to raise one of his leg. Then, he did on his left one. The monk said, raise another. The man became curious how. That is when the monk taught him that he had freedom to choose any leg to raise, now he had to be responsible for the choice he chose.If you would like to be free, do nothing! Enjoy choices in front of you!


Don’t throw the responsibility to others (even God)

Otherwise you have to be responsible on whatever you take actions. That is why many people don’t really want to be free because they don’t want to carry the cost of it. That is impossible. If someone told you that you are suffered because of God’s plan, it means you have the full responsible on your suffering after you enjoy what you did.



That is the way to go. Make sure that you can love when you are free. Love should be the destination of every kinds of freedom. Of course, love has to support freedom too. They are supporting each other like the bird with two wings.


Freedom need your full awareness. Be alert. Live like you are in danger, and you will see and enjoy more choice in front of you.


  1. I the mother of our problems is that over time we forget to be aware of ouselves. We lose ourselves slowly while drifting more and more into a machinery. And at one point we realize that we got lost and don’t know what’s wrong since we cannot see anymore where we came from. Then the process starts in remembering who we really are. And once we do, nothing stays the same and we finally know what life is all about. Wonderful post! Love it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for the great comment, Erika.

      Simple example, In a day, we are busy in working but don’t realise that we are breathing, the source of life.

      Awareness is the key to everything; happiness, freedom, creativity, love and more!

      Jade the Mystic

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