The True Love is beyond Mind

First, do not try to give the meaning of love. It is not something that you can define with your mind. How can you define something real with the unreal thing like mind. Same for life. Do not try to understand life and love, just live and love. Here are some points you have to understand.


If you love someone,

only one strategy you can follow is just to love.

To purify your love, watch your mind and judge nothing. This is the only way to go. I find many boys who come up with many flirting strategies to girls. What I really disagree is to expose oneself that he is her boyfriend but she has never accepted and felt uncomfortable that she is forced to be looked as his girlfriend. He tries to make more people to understand and tell that he is her boyfriend. That is what he wants to be told who he is as his ego; his mask named boyfriend. Probably he doesn’t care whether he loves her or vice versa or not, and that is disgusting.


Only silence matches the intimacy.

Let silence explain things that the word cannot.

When you love, there will be wordless. This is what people misunderstand. They think that they have to talk to their couple all time to feel intimate but actually words can mess your intimacy. Word is just the combination of sound and meaning, which comes from your own mind, and it has never been real while your intimacy has been.


Only the independent person can meet true love.

Each has to be responsible to his or her own life even love. That sounds irrational because man and woman have to rely on each other when they become one family. However, that is when politics comes. If you don’t treat me well, I will not be with you. If you don’t lend me money, I will not talk to you. One can put love to negotiation, and that is hell. Thus, you have to be responsible on loving and taking care of yourself. That should be the first thing to do,so no one even your partner can exploit love.


See your partner through your new eyes not your old mind.

Everyone can change even you. It is normal that you and your partner can be bored on each other but don’t judge your partner with your old mind that he or she must think, feel and do like the good old days otherwise your mind can trouble your beloved people around you. If you have eyes, watch not cling to the mind and judge people with the past. Mind keeps recording the past and use the memory to imaging the future, so be aware of your own mind.


Take your breathe to connect the existence of all things.

There is one of the meditative ways I like which is to keep watching own breathe. Know all the time when breathe in and out. Just relax and watch. Then you understand that just breathe, you exist and other people exist too. Thank you to yourself that you can breathe, so you can love everyone that exists and help you exist. Now all are interdependent to compassionate and help each other.


You don’t need laws to love.

I remember that there was the lawyer asked the man which is the highest laws of living, and he replied that love is the highest laws. It sounds that I don’t agree with him but the problem is not his answer but the lawyer’s question. He replied like that just because the questioner is the lawyer but he knows so well that love just happens on its own not through the law enforcement. Thus, every rules need to be understand. so that you will love without any laws.


If you are not fully aware of your mind, many problems will come to your love. People said love makes people blind but they forgot that it blinds them because of their own mind, memory, meaning and ego. Therefore, just watch your mind without judge.

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