Meditation: The Time-Controlling Panacea for Eternal Emotional Wellness

     Epictetue, an ancient Greek philosopher, proclaimed that “men are disturbed not by events, but by the view which they take from them”. This principle became the foundation of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) invented by Albert Ellis, the American psychologist. I found that his therapy concept is harmonious with the experience in meditation so far. Here are the concepts that Ellis’s psychotherapy and meditation share.

Take time to consider a response.

     You will never have this chance if you are not meditative! since the meditative person can slow his mind down before it swiftly lead you to judge situations and “react” automatically and irrationally with your past experience and borrowed knowledge (see more explanation here). While you are in the meditative state, you are able to bear distress without assuming catastrophic negative conclusions. Then, you will have more time for yourself to consider a response. That is why meditation can change the speed of time as emotion.

Think about creative and rational ways to respond that may benefit all of us.

     Spend the time you gain more from meditation wisely. You have chance to see things as they are not you are. Grab this chance to innovate more ideas to response right here and now than react unreasonably. This will allow the positive and creative ideas to balance (or even overcome) the negative ones. That is how meditation will bring you enjoy with the healthy emotional spa.  Plus, meditator is reasonable to have many dimensions on the situation rather than killing the negative angle (which is a must to protect our lives from danger even if it brings suffering.)

Realize and enjoy more choices to response.

     The more you are meditative, the more time you have to create more cool ideas to responses. In the other word, being meditative will wake the creativity in you. With meditation, you can also dance with the freedom and “responsibility”. You have more time to do more things and it is only up to you! Have you ever felt that the more you hurry, the slower you could get thing done? Now try doing things slower and have more time! Personally, this is ridiculous paradox but it is true.

     No matter how many problems you have and how severe they are. The only one panacea you need is meditation. it  heals and restores wholeness of mind, body and spirit. If you are thorough the word “Meditation”, it shares the same Latin root medicus, meaning “to cure”, and the Indo-European root “to make whole”. It will slow your mind down to enable you be aware of your self, situations in front of your bare eyes and choices you can response rationally. (see the way of meditation here)

The slower you mind is,

the more time you have for relaxing in the healthy emotional spa.


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