How Can Meditation Bring Your Life beyond Time and Space?

     No matter what kinds of meditation you are practicing, there are three main elements in them; relax, watch and no judgment. (see more explanation here). Good news is that being meditative will bring you timeless, spaceless and innocent like a child again. This is not supernatural. It is so simple that you can kick any problems in your life away rather than wasting your life solving them.

Turn spaceless from your problems

that your mind creates.

     There are so much problems in your life and do you really think that you will solve them all? In meditation, just watch your mind that keeps creating desire and thoughts. See your thoughts and problems. They always come and go. When you can watch something even your problem, you can also keep distance between you and your thoughts. That space exists only when you can be fully aware of your self. The more you watch, the wider the space is, the further your thoughts are, the more you can feel the universe.

Be timeless from any thoughts and feelings.

     When you think of the good old days, you feel so happy that time flies so fast. When you think of the tragic situation, you feel so suffering that time stops. “Time is nothing but emotion” That is why when I meditate, I keep my alarm clock and smartphone away. I also realise that I couldn’t exist neither in the past nor future. Future is just the past that is either repeated or reversed. Both just the memory and imagination from mind that have never existed. How can we exist in the world that has never existed?

     When you don’t worry your good and bad past, relax and watch your thought and feeling, you can escape from time. You are only at the present. You will be timeless!

Being meditative

will bring your innocence back.

     When you are unconscious, borrow knowledge and theories from others, see things thought your the past, you are so blind. Although things are in front of you, they have never existed before you. They are just who you “think” they are. Your thought from mind has never been real, and same to your feeling and actions toward the world. You lose your self before you know it.

     Meditation will practice you to listen to your breath, heartbeat and surrounding rather that voice from your mind that keep judging. (see more explanation here) Whenever you think, bring yourself back to your breath, the source of life. This will let you drop any knowledge and become innocent again.

     It is not what you do but it is how you do. You have to “be knowing” every action you take with the total awareness. Just relax, watch and put judging away. Then, you will take only necessary actions with the quality. You will be the centre of the universe beyond time. You are at home in the end.


    1. Hey Erika, thank you for very nice comment ; )

      As you mentioned on love, that give me the great idea.

      We can apply thought from this post

      to turn love timeless! 😀

      I am reading your post on Southern California trip.

      Let me make the comment on your post.

      Have a nice day.
      Jade the Mystic

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