The daily Judgment day (that only responsible one will survive)

As we have already known, we, human, have been survived from the Judgment day that many religions (and even scientists) predicted. However, you may not realize that everyday is the Judgment day. We judge each other and things through your own past experience and what society keep conditioning people. When reality doesn’t fit to your mental world, we turn depressed. That is why Judgment day is fearful.


Painful history will bring you future misery.

Boris Cyrulnik, the positive psychologist, explained that because people fail to find meaning in the traumatic situations, they will feel crushed and inadequate, and continue to suffer. (See the upcoming negative effect here). Even the neutral situation comes, they could judge it negatively and continues (even multiplies) suffering. More things will be seen through the past memories in their mind. Having eyes doesn’t help them to see thing as it “is” but they “were”.


People are poisoned

through the conditions from the society.

It is tragical that people are judged and labelled through advertisement and ideologies. Advertisement tells people that if you have this, you will feel luxurious. If you wear this, you will be yourself. They condition their products and service to your true self and your happiness so that they can sell more. Not only in the business, to promote themselves, many religions and political parties always conditions people that they must need them to free from our sin and be joyful.


Carl Roger, with his person-centered psychotherapy, pointed out that a fixed view of the world often leads to unhappiness. It knocks the door when our life is not how we have expected to be. We try to defend ourselves by interpreting every situation to fit our expectation but that will brings us more suffering. Our interpretation is just lie. Living with the unreal life will depress you.


Thus, response the situations and let go,

not interpret and store it to fit your mind.

I agree with Aaron Beck, cognitive therapist, on encouraging people to emphasis on the perception on experiences (rather than fixate one viewpoint and judge it). Whenever situations come, don’t even try to interpret it with your past experience and what people tells you. That is the real meaning of responsibility, just ability to response not discharge any burden! Throw whatever mind tells you. Realise that it exists as it is. If you have the glass of water, don’t interpret that it has the half full and half empty, just drink it!


The Judgment day is another proof that God truly exists within you, because people keep judging people and things through their mental mind. To be free from it, you must be responsible to every situation in front of you. Response it right here and right now, then there is no need for you to carry the rubbish past and nonsense words from society.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


    1. When there are two people,
      there will be 4 more imposting people.

      Who I think I am.
      Who I think you are.
      Who you think I am.
      Who you think you are.

      These 4 people are unreal and the mess starts. : /
      Peace happens when we stop thinking
      (for a while at least)

      Thank you for your comment concluding my post. ; )
      Jade the Mystic

      Liked by 1 person

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