1 Minute Understanding in Consciousness and Awareness

You could say that mind transcendence is the “awareness”. It always come with the relaxation, and it is the result of the meditation. However, people misunderstand between consciousness and awareness. Here is the explanation from unconsciousness to awareness.

Unconsciousness: The state of mind that you lose yourself.

The mind always keep the past the memories, so any thoughts cannot be real when they come from the past. When you take any actions regarded to your thoughts, your actions are unreal, futile, nullified. Whenever your thoughts and actions are unreal, you are unreal. You lost yourself. Surprisingly, 99% of activities in our lives are unconsciousness. To bring back your life, you need to be more consciousness otherwise here is the explanation of threat.


Consciousness: The state of mind

that you and everything you experienced become real.

To become more consciousness, you can practice through using your 5 senses slowly and deeply with the improving quality. Thus, you should close your eyes as the sense that is used for 80% in our life. Then you will listen, taste, feel and smell better. Importantly, whatever you do, do it “slowly and deeply” to enable you to follow and enjoy things more with your senses. That is when you, your action and the object will gradually be free from mind. Their existence is finally realised at the present.


Witnessing: The result of being conscious

The more you keep watching yourself, your thoughts, your actions and the object you watch, the more consciousness you grow. Every action you take is conscious resulting in turning you to be witness. It is the result of becoming conscious which you cannot practice.

However, no matter being unconscious or conscious, you are in the state of mind because you are “taking actions” which must be dropped out completely when you transcend your mind.


Awareness: The state of no mind.

You are ready to be aware when you are the witness. You are 100% conscious but it is not enough to be aware since you still take action. To grow your awareness, just do nothing. Simple. Don’t ask me how to drop them since “how” is still the action. If you keep following how, you cannot drop them. When there is no action, there will be no doer and the object to be done. What is left is just the consciousness. That is the awareness, the consciousness without any action. It is the end of spiritual process.

It is difficult to drop action. This is just because you lack of the understanding your mind and ego. Like relaxation, you need to gain more insights here, then non-doing will be easier for you.

Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.

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