The Secret of Karma (that Your Religion Doesn’t Tell You)

The good doesn’t need to be rewarded,

the bad doesn’t need to be punished.

     The philosophical and religion concept of Karma is “What goes around, comes around”. Many people become so strict with this belief and misunderstood as the laws. Therefore, they “abuse” this belief by doing good only and expecting reward and no punishment. However, they may blame the priests and monks whenever they still doesn’t get any reward. Some turns angry that they are punished even if they do good. That can disprove their belief; the good will gain either reward, nothing or even punishment.

Karma is the psychological phenomenon

not the religious laws.

If the laws of Karma is not true, why do some religion keep teaching us? Of course, whatever is wrong doesn’t deserved to be laws but it doesn’t mean that Karma doesn’t exist. The Karen Horney, German psychoanalysis gave the sharp concept of Karma: everything that you do registered itself (in your being) automatically. Abraham Maslow of the Maslow Hierarchy, confirmed that if you do good, it registers to your credit. If you do bad, it registers to your discredit.

Karma comes from your unconscious mind not the outside situation and people.

     If you have been loving, you can feel love and trust. If you do bad, the bad feeling of guilty, despising yourself, unworthy and cutting off from the flow of life. Unconsciously, you seal and protect these feelings away inside your being. Finally you cannot relax otherwise they will be revealed by any “unrelated” situations or people even your family, your friend, your partner. It is psychic tension that make you crazy. Then, you claim that you are damaged from them because of your actions, (and become believe in Karma as laws without the true understanding.)

Stop personalising, start externalising (without any priests and monks).

     Therefore, to free from Karma, you don’t have to clean your sin in the Buddhism ceremony or confess your bad actions in front of the priest. Dorothy Rowe, the psychologist with her personal construct theory, suggested us well to let go the concept of karma. Many times that situations “just happen” and they don’t involve in your feeling you seal and protect. Therefore, stop personalising. don’t blame your self (and don’t let yourself be carried away). Start externalising. Relax and open whatever you have sealed and protected so far, so you don’t have to carry rubbishes with your self

     and free from the past.

     If you would like to understand more on the unconscious mind and how to deal with it, enter here. You will never be disappointed.


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