Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety Once and for All

Just simply Relax.

but it won’t help if you don’t understand the nature. Relaxation is the continuous understanding in life itself. It allows you to the meditative state, so let’s get insight in each point.

You cannot live neither

in the past nor future.

Your mind is full of memories recording only the past. If your past is satisfying, your future will repeated it. If it isn’t, the future will be opposite. Thus, I could say “Future is the past” However, you can only exist at the present. There is no way your body exist in the past (and also future) See, present has never been connected between past and the future.


All kinds of stress

come from your fear inside.

Your mind distracts you then let you forget your true self. Your real self is at the very present. You would like to find or create another of your self from your memory in your mind. It is your ego, your false substitute. It becomes to your goal. That is when all kinds of tension start. Look through your ego. There is fear that your future will not become as you wish.


Taking action, then you will never relax.

Now you have your fake self as your life purpose, your future, your passion. To make it happen (by using psychic power), you must need effort to take action and apply techniques. That is what self-gurus have blabbered to the society for centuries. However, have you ever realized that everything in this world will happen by itself without your actions? Birth comes to you. Death comes to you. Nature can give you birth and death not you. You try to wave the ocean while it can wave without you!


Therefore, you could realise that life is purposeless. No future, no goal, nowhere to go, nothing is worth to be achieved, no effort to take any action, so why do you worry? Everything just happen to you. Let nature take care of you. When you pass away, the world won’t do with you.

Let all takes credit from you.

Let go, trust, surrender, love and go with the flow. All are experienced when you relax. Instead of shaking the world, let it shakes itself. You just allow it shake you. You are just the shaking yourself. Nature will take care of things and take credit of results from you.

to relax, you just

drop your effort

since you already understand that life is purposeless.

close your eyes

to to listen, smell, feel and taste with higher quality

and listen to all that is happening all around

rather than voice in your mind.

     Start from your body. if there is tension on any part of your body, pay consciousness to it slowly and deeply. Say to it lovingly, “relax”. Then, move to your mind, your heart and your body and say “relax” respectively.

Gradually, you will remember your true self that it exists at the present.


  1. Neuroscientists have have discovered the basic building block of the mind/brain

    What fires together wires together

    Where we place attention grows, where we with hold fades.

    Follow the breath, let go, accept all before you and inside you

    Life opens up when we let go of judgment, worry and empty the mind for just being present, worthy, content

    The ego is a beach ball floating in the creative side, our true self, the expansive side, the Pacific Ocean

    The ego is a personal jail if watered or cultivated

    Happiness only exists in one time zone, now

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    1. Exactly, florencestone

      and I don’t think that people would like to free from their own “jail”.

      Although they are free, they will call for another jail.

      You claim that some scientists believe that we create the past by our present.

      At first glance I disagree. However, it is the loop of past and present.

      The one, who still sleep in the world of desire, thinks and acts now because of the past.

      Awareness is the key to the freedom of mind to wake people up.


      1. True Jade the mystic. But, I think taking awareness of our past is just as important, as, the way in which we see the past, can influence the future – often times, we see the past as more differently than it was. I also thing it’s important to be aware of the past, because it makes us who we are, and we learn lessons from it

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        1. Right. Actually, awareness will make our eyes fresh.

          We notice the past, learn from it as you mentioned

          and “leave it there”.

          We judge things through what we have learned so far.

          It could be misinterpretation. We see things not as they are but as we are.

          I also learn from the past

          but sometime our mind with the lessons from the past will allow the little of the reality.

          That is why we need to be aware of the past. ; ) I like your comment anyway.


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