Now you can have Infinite Accuracy on Psychic Power

Setting goals is vital for most of our actions. They will lead toward various sizes of goal from cleaning your house to getting the award from skill competition. It has no problem is it has the small size. You can “make it happen” within few minutes.

However, it is almost impossible that you take that amount of time for the bigger goal like getting 100 trillion dollars in an second. You need to make it happen. Trouble is that while it is happening, there must be things that can distract you away from it. They are other small goals that you want to achieve, so you unintentionally suspend, then forget and fail in achieve the previous one.

Yes, you must use the Psychic Power to hit your targets but you will fail if your accuracy is poor. This practice can increase the accuracy on your psychic power.

1. Set big goal

You goal is “to simply keep breathing in and out”. Come back to the source of life. It is both your doing and goal that you usually forget it while spending life.

2. Close your eyes

so that you will inhale and exhale better. The more senses you open, the less you can concentrate on each sense. Because the visual sense needs 80% of your life!, so you will hear, taste, feel and smell with the higher quality if you close them.

3. Breathing slowly and deeply

You need to relax to create the flow for taking actions more successfully. That state comes when you do it slow and deep. It will help you for the next step,

4. Watch and follow your breath

every moment

so you can lock the target sharper! You will feel the coolness on your nose, the air that keep going in and out. You will hear things more clearly and realise more and more things.

You can practice them. Just for 5 minutes everyday before starring your day, and your actions will be more precise.

However, nothing is easy. There will be many things that can distract you from whatever your goal, so you need to practice how to come back to your goal.

5. Be aware of coming thoughts and feelings, the distracting small goals

They will distract you. They are other small goals that couldn’t relate to the main goal, breathing. Instead of watching your breath, you are thinking and feeling. Do not feel irritated that you are being distracted. No one cannot be as long as your mind is with you. You just turn to realise then watch them. That is how you can be apart of them.

6. Back to your breath

and resume watching it

After you know that you are thinking and feeling, gradually drop your thoughts and emotions then turn to breathe slowly and deeply.

Whenever thoughts and feeling come and be with you, back to your breath.

Through this practice, I promise that your willpower will be strengthened and get tough to be distracted.

Here is the very basic for using Psychic Power.

While you are using it, nothing can disturb you even they are not been calculated in your workshop of mind.


     Now you can lock target and unleash your psychic power!

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