The Secret of Being Reborn

Loneliness has been fearful for human,

and it is because the ability to reason and relate things and people

that makes human aware of it.


Living in this world,

we are afraid of deprivation of our own nature

and also our beloved people.


Life is struggle.

When we are with many people,

we lost the way to ourselves and become powerless

When we aren’t,

we lost connection to people, and become lonely


Because of ignorance,

we have told ourselves to balance between our nature and our beloved.

but we always fear from falling down.

Balancing will still bring loneliness, anxiety and apathy.


That is the misguided approach.

You don’t have to balance anything.

You can give birth to our true selves. 

You don’t need any masks but our real faces.


That is what the Humanistic Psychoanalyst, Erich Fromm found.

“Man’s main task is to give birth to himself”


If we throw our responsibility for having choices to others,

we will end up with being alienated from ourselves.

You can connect to the wholeness by still being with individuality.

Here are ideas.


Devoting yourself to discover your own idea and abilities

Be courageous!

Come out of mass, the repetitive activities, the certainties.

Lie, cheat and steal ideas and abilities of others.

When they doesn’t work even bring pain to us,

then add, cut, reduce and modify to make them uniquely fit to you.


Embracing your personal uniqueness

Love yourself first!

The self you find or created from other will not work.

You will suffered from forgetting your true self.

Remember, you are the most creative creature in this world.

No one will be born like you even you passed away.

You have already been completed and ready to love and share.


Developing our capacity to love

Respect the uniqueness of ourselves and others as individual.

Don’t try to find or even match yourself with them.

“I see you, I love you, then I possess you.”

Disgusting to destroy and tolerate them even your beloved people.

We can love and live together with our difference.

Very few people including Erich Fromm, the German-American Psychoanalyst, find this paradox.

By discovering your individuality, you can sense wholeness.

You are uniquely complete, so you need to people to give not to take!

You just need “Awareness” to see your potential and love toward you again clearly.


That is when you can forsake your identity

and reborn again as your true self 

with aloneness not loneliness

with freedom not boredom

with empathy not apathy.


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