7 common misunderstandings in meditation


Meditation is religious

To be religious is to believe in something or someone. You are given all answers you would like to know about life. However, meditation is completely opposite. When you closes your eyes, you will never know what happen. With silence, it is the mysterious experience that replace any beliefs you got from society.

Meditation is against actions

See many meditators keep calm and sit down. It is meditation that allow you to your being inside, your awareness. At first, we need not to move. Taking any actions will strengthen your ego. You take credits on result thought your actions. However, when you are finally with your being, your actions are no longer lead to the ego. You can take action without losing your self. You can be in meditation during moving.

Meditation is to think nothing

Meditation is such a pain for beginners since thoughts will appear and disturb them. They assumes that meditation is to think nothing, so they become irritated to remove thoughts. However, although they succeed in doing so, they cannot remove their irritation. Meditation doesn’t exist to feel irritated. What you could do is not to eliminate thoughts and feelings but watch them. By watching them, you are no longer to be part of them.

Breathing has techniques

There are so many techniques for breathing. Are you serious? since you can breathe since you were born without any techniques. Sure that they help you to wake up but it takes you serious on it. When you put hard on it, that is not meditation. Meditation is just to bring you back to your breathing and watch it again since you ignore it while spending your life all day.

Meditation is done within the limited time

as if you are conscious just for an hour and become unconscious for other hours. Do not set any time when you meditate. I have meditated once in the temple and I accidentally stopped the alarm clock but no one knew. After we meditated in the dark room for a while, more monks and nuns become frustrated why it didn’t ring. It was my fault but it was absurd that they became anxious during meditating.

Meditation is to concentrate (on breathing)

I once also fail in breathing fast to not allow any thoughts. Again and again, I became serious and fail in meditation. Concentration is to put all of your energy into the small hole like needle. However, concentration is the statement of mind while mediation is to be beyond mind. Instead of focusing, just be witness within your self.

Meditation is to take soul out of the body

It doesn’t matter whether meditators can do it. The key behind this is to watch your body with your full awareness. Your being are no longer be the part of the body since watching will create the space between you and your body. The more you watch, the further you are from your body.

There is no goal in mediation. Goal is in the future while mediation brings you at the very present. Just relax and watch things as they are. Simple.

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