Break the Limit Like Champion

       Everyday you have to work hard for the freedom lifestyle and fame, so your energy is spent on those works. However, there will be too much works to get them done. That is why you need not only to manage our time effectively but also to break the limit in ourselves.

       When the energy keeps running out to function your body, fasten the heartbeat and blood pumping, the “governor” of your brain will give order to body to decelerate function. The brain would like to restore the minimum energy inside itself. In the other word, your physical energy has still left but the brain just makes you feel tired to stop working. Your first tiredness is just illusion.

       To break this unreal limit of tiredness and accomplish the daily goal, here are suggestions.

       1. Eat and sleep well: The brain governor will not intervene the body function if you collect and restore so much energy inside for the next day, so eat enough and sleep well. Select the healthy food for 2,000 kcal per day such as non-fat protein, high-fibered vegetables and low-sugar fruit. Also sleep well to rejuvenate, learn something better and reduce stress. Some said sleeping is lie dying. That is true and you will wake up as if you have the new life.

      2. Do the most important things earlier: According to the research, you willpower is highest in the morning. Your energy is fully charged after you slept and had breakfast. Your brain will not need to restore any energy, so it is wise to clear your important tasks first. Don’t forget to list and prioritise your works before you go to bed. You don’t want to waste your morning time to do it, do you?

     3. Focus on the benefits: Already tired? You must not believe yourself. Keep working until the daily missions accomplished. Think bout the benefits you will definitely get; healthier, happier, freedom lifestyle, and success. How about others that you are taking care? How joyful they feel when you can complete your works for them? Family, colleagues, employees, boss or your customers. Always ask why you keep working when you work, then keep working with the tired feeling will be easier for you.

You can break the limit like the champion when by just eating well, sleeping enough, prioritising your works, and concentrating on their values. Then, your energy will be unbelievably used both efficiently and effectively. Also check up your physical body by exercising. You need the healthy body to take healthy actions.

Pride is the prize only for you.


  1. Great points! My favorite and something that I do very often is prepare for the next day the night before. This helps me not only sleep better at night but also wake up with laser like focus on the new day. I would say though that I disagree with getting the most important things done early. I would say get the most important things done when you personally are most productive. I have found that just because I am a morning persona and tend to priorities my most important things early, not everyone is like that. I would say prioritize the most important things when you know that you will be most productive.

    Great article, thanks for sharing.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right. I would like to say that energy is not the only key that drives up to do things. It could be depended on the persona as you mentioned and the lifestyle of people.

      Anyway, we have to find our own timing in the end.

      Thank you for the great comment.
      It helps me find more ideas for posting.

      Jade the Mystic.


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