Now You Can Kick Any Stupid Conditions Out and Enjoy Your Life Now!

Behaviourism makes our live complicated.

Its classical conditioning makes our eyes blind.


Have you ever heard about a dog a meat and a ring?

The dog salivates when it sees food of course.

It is the nature.


when the food comes with the ring from the bell everyday,

The dog learns that they will come together

then its shows its tongue just when only the bell rang.


Food is unconditional stimulus.

To salivate with it is the unconditional response.

The bell is neutral stimulus until it keeps being paired with food.

That bell becomes conditional stimulus,

and to salivate with the bell is no longer nature but conditioned!


Not only the dog is conditioned

but also the human.

When our action is conditioned, our eyes are blind.

They will lead you misinterpret the world.

You will live your live harder.


Look at people.

Are they eating because you become hungry or you become bored?

Are they boxing to be healthy or to release anger against someone?

Are they reading to reflect their selves or  to boast their intelligence?


The only way to break every conditions

is just asking “WHY?” to challenge them.

Here are some common conditioned beliefs you can tackle on.


1. You can be happy without being rich.

Seems today as the modern age, money is everything.

Some says it is God but I don’t think he existed to be spent.

Ask yourself, why do you need money?

Is it possible that your goal can be achieved without money?

If possible, do it! You can be happy now!

Don’t let money turn you suffer without necessary.

Do not let money be your condition to do things you can enjoy at this moment.

How about going outside and take some fresh air or talking with people you love?


2. You can be rich and famous without wearing luxurious clothes and accessories.

Wearing this ring will tell people that you are billionaire.

Driving this car will tell them you are smart and cool.

Living in this area will tell them you are superstar.

All are the simple but cunning marketing strategies.

They keeps telling people everywhere even you are sleeping.

The intelligent people will not be conditioned by these rubbishes

but they can be rich and famous

by doing what they fall in love naturally and people realize its value.


3. You can be purified without going to the monasteries.

If you suffer, you have to confess in front of priests.

If you want to be rich afterlife, you have to donate money to monks.

If you face trouble, you throw the responsibility by saying Oh My God.

Seems all of the religious things and people is conditioned with your desire and suffering.

I saw many pure children has to wash their sin or bow to monks.

Religions give them many conditions as poison.


but we were born pure

and can be responsible and purified by ourselves

by being watchful

asking why we do those

and taking actions that only come from your nature, your true self.

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