Little Known Ways to Meditation

          Meditation has been (misunderstood as) one of the best practices for human. You will go for the adventure of mystery. You are the only one who experiences inside your being and cannot share to other. It is the insight only you can find during meditation.

          There are a lot of meditation techniques, however, those are created by the technicians. They come up with methods. That is common misunderstanding since meditators do nothing. They even practice nothing. It is not the skill. It is the non-doing.

          If you are meditating, check these cores of meditation out whether you follow them or not.


         One of my mistakes when I begin being “in” mediation is to “hurry up” my breathe because I “fear” to be disturbed by any thoughts. That is so unhealthy, so first spent your life more slowly. Don’t worry, Let the past be. After finished daily works all day, close your eyes, go to each part of your body, say to it lovingly and slowly “Relax”. Then, same to your mind (stream of thoughts) and your heart (feelings). Then, you are at the centre of your being.

          Just relaxation will keep your ego in check. It allows you to let-go, trust, surrender and love. The flow you go with will take credit on making things happen from you.



          Most try to get rid of any thoughts and feelings during meditating. You will never win them. It is not your goal and there is no goal in meditation. You just watch the flow. Whatever happens, watch it. Just know how things begin, continue and end consciously. You can watch your “thoughts and feelings” more consciously only when you relax. Don’t get confused with concentration and contemplation. Both uses effort and you don’t have to use it while watching.

          Whatever meditators watch, it happens, maintain and fade away. Thus, the more you watch, the more you acknowledge this truth, so don’t waste your life clinging with things and people even the beloved. Even if you passed away, the world still exists and never goes with you.



         Watching will help you see things as they are not as we are. Surprisingly, our mind allows reality into our mind only 2% according to the psychological researchers. When you can watch your thought and feeling, you are no longer be and feel yourself whom your mind created and judge with any ideas and principles. Just throw them all and ripen your eyes. Like Socretes said, “I know only one thing, that I know nothing”

          You need courage to drop any thoughts and accept reality. It will destroy all your right thoughts but it will enable you wondering, keep learning and raise intelligence.

         Right Meditation is just to relax, watch and perceive. Don’t get serious on it especially getting rid of any thoughts and becoming irritated. Some concentrated too seriously on their breathingTheir irritation and seriousness will not calm their mind.


  1. Hi Jade, I love the way that you explain the concept of meditation here. I felt relaxed just after reading this! I think being conscious and accepting of our thoughts, regardless of how frustrating or stressful they may be, is a crucial part of meditation, as you suggest here. Keep posting your wonderful thoughts! 🙂


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