The Secret of Basic Psychic Power

There were many monks came to their master to teach them the psychic power. He taught them everything he had learned. When the examination came, they were told that they had to be in the dark room with only one lightened candle. If one can put the light off with their psychic power, he will be graduated.

Thus, everyone tried to use many techniques including intense concentration. However, most became tired, gave up and went out of the room. Only two students were inside. One blew the candlelight. Another did nothing but wait for the candlelight went out by itself. Only the first student passed the test (but another became the next master!)

The very basic psychic power is just “to make it happen” here is how to basically master it.


     Everything that exists in this world happen twice. First is in human mind, and second is in front of human’s eyes. Visualization is the workshop of mind. Come up with what you really want to happen in the real world, then imagine it in your mind as well as other details including yourself, your visual goal, your journey, both supporting situations and obstacles around you, and how you can interact win over and feel with them and your goal with all of your five senses.

     “The more detail you can imagine, the more you can feel that you can do it in the real world.”

Enter to your own mind

     “You” are the most important thing in your visual world? Go inside to your own imagination and spend life there. In your mind, you are the main character, the hero. Focus on yourself and how can you pass your world until you enjoy what you would like to happen. Visualize and focus everyday on what has happened in your mind for 17 seconds at least or 15 minutes at most.

Take Action

     The more you visualise and and focus on your world, the more passionate you would like “to make it happen in the real world”. As human, you have only one magic, your action, so just do it in the real world as if you do it in your mind. Make it happen!

Tell Other

     After what you would like to happen really happens, inspire other with your storytelling skill. Deliver the story by using the words, body language and vocal variety that persuade audiences “visualise” like you did everyday. You could make slide or video as you please.

Wait for multiplying effect

     The reason to tell others your story is to let them “make it happen” like you. It is similar to hypnosis that you can make others to do things you want to. Now, you don’t have to do anything but watch others do.

The second student failed the test because he didn’t use his psychic power. However, he didn’t bother with his mind but transcended it. It is our ego that makes us take action, so he gave up his own ego and let nature except himself took all credit on making the light off. Thus, whenever you master the psychic power, let it be.

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