I watch the Conjuring last year,

and it was successful in making us scared,

and gave me valuable lesson in love and beliefs.

Annabelle is claimed as the doll

that haunted people before the Conjuring happened.

I would like to share some lessons from Annabelle

to celebrate the Halloween.


The purity of child is holy.

I am not Christian

but I heard

that only child is allowed to the kingdom of God.

This was reflected well in Annabelle.

The child is pure

because s/he has never been conditioned by the society.

S/he weren’t born to hate.

S/he weren’t born to fear rats and cockroaches.

S/he weren’t born to bow to the religious teachers.

This purity is needed to exist in this world.

The life without any conditions is freedom.

That is why devils would like to possess the child.

They would like to be free.


Love always dispel darkness.

The Conjuring carried this concept quite better than Annabelle

but we could learn from Annabelle

that mother always care her baby.

She asked his husband

to choose baby not her

when any danger comes to the family.

In the very end of the movie,

she finally decided to sacrifice herself for the devil

exchanging her baby’s soul

setting her free from devil.

“Seems” that sacrificing life

is the way to freedom.

True love always brings freedom.

The the love toward her baby

is so pure as her soul.


Devils always come up with “possession”

The devil in Conjuring tried to possess the mother.

The devil in Annabelle tried to possess the baby.

The devil needs body to function well.

Then look back to us.

Our own mind always call for possession.

We may not call for other bodies

but we could call for things.

Things which the society always told you

“If you have a car, you are gorgeous”

“If you have the luxury house, you are the nobel”

“If you have many degree, people will come and adore you”

We try to find ourselves in things.

We possess them

to tell ourselves and the world who we are.

Then, we lost the satisfaction in them.

We fail to find ourselves.

We are always unconscious to realize the devil in our mind.


Any beliefs are useless.

In Conjuring, any words from Bible and holy water

failed to repel devil out of the mother.

In Annabelle, any priest’s words

even his attempt to seal Annabelle away in the church

aren’t helpful so much to pass the haunting situation.

The mother has to pass the fearful experience from Annabelle doll


It is not the priest word and action that strengthen her.

It is love that always bless her.

Only priests could do

is to throw hatred against the devil.

The devil is hatred itself.

How useless.


We alway throw responsibility away to other people and things.

If you noticed in the beginning of the movie well,

it tells you that

dolls have always been in flavour of people.

Why not?

When some are happy,

they talk to the dolls.

When some are sad,

they talk to the dolls.

Especially when some are fear,

they talk to the dolls.

The dolls know nothing.

They couldn’t move and think free like us, human

but they have to take burden from you.

They couldn’t be happy,

so they could become hell

where is the best place for devil to live in.

No matter how hard your life is,

face it or face the hell!


And these are 5 lessons from Annabelle.

Try to learn something from the movie

and it will not just entertain you.


Written by Jade the Mystic

The psychology and mindfulness writer helping you leverage your mind, understand life, reduce stress, relax and learn to heal your body and soul with meditation through life quotes, articles, books, speeches and advises.


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