Why doesn’t Success Make You Happy?

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Which circle at the centre has the bigger size?

If your mind is working,

the right centre circle seems bigger than the left one

but actually they have the same size.


Think of your real life

that you have already been unique.

You feel superior to the people

who have things fewer than you

and feel inferior to ones

who have more than you.


When you concern the individual psychology,

the social realm and environment is also influential to everyone.

You have experienced inferior feeling rooted in childhood

because you were surrounded by the smarter or stronger people.


Your disability becomes the strong motivational force.

to take actions and achieve things.

You start to collect mighty you once don’t have.

You start to collect money you once don’t have.

You start to collect knowledge you once don’t have.


All starts from how you view yourself.


You could realise

that not all people are successful.

The great positions are not enough for them.

President, king, general

Pope, superstar, winner.

Struggle to become acknowledged by the world.

The losers are still inferior


but what if you have already achieved your goals?

Are you really sure

that the success will finally satisfy you?


As long as you keep comparing to the stronger people,

the inferior complexity still exists with you.

Your success cannot heal your inferior feeling.


Will you set you new goal,

tell yourself that you haven’t been successful yet,

and try achieving it again?



Even if you are at the top of pyramid,

your success will become the greatest deadlock.

You cannot set any goal further.

and you cannot fail to anyone.


No matter how hard you try

no matter how many time you achieved,

if you aren’t thankful in what you have so far,


you fail.


It is like when many people have their dreams.

They are passionate to follow them no matter what.


That is why all are sleeping.

That is why society is sleeping.


The more passion they want to achieve their dreams,

The longer they would like to continue sleeping.

If their dreams have not been accomplished yet,

they will not wake up.


They may not wake up again.



Even if you will be born again,

you will choose to dream for the future again.

You choose to have the lifelong sleep again.

You choose the cycle of life and dead again.

again and again.


Watch your own dreams.

Your dreams are just like the jail.

The jail that will allow you to go nowhere.


You may break the jail

but you will call for another jail

you will put yourself inside that jail.


You may die in jail

but you will call for jail

after you will be born again.




Thus, live your life without any further success.

Be thankful on what you have here and now.

That is when you experienced the balanced psyche.

Success finally relieves your inferior feeling

then confidence develops.


Love the life you live.

Live the life you love.




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