What is the best way to deal with your negative thought?

It is commonly misunderstood that our mind is troublesome to our life.

It could give you the unreal information, which doesn’t exist in front of your eyes,

to help you (mis)understand people and the world.

Instead of seeing things as they are,

you see things as you are.


Thanks to the negative thoughts,

you are safe from harmfully unknown people and things

but you will suffer from those thoughts.

They usually lead to the negative feeling and actions.

So, you think of dealing with them.




People commonly suggested us think positively.

Your thoughts are like the inputs.

If you want the good outputs, the good input is needed.

The more positive words are repeated in your mind, the better you feel and do.


But the one who is great in giving you the positive suggestion,

is the one who gives it to himself before.



The positive thoughts cannot exist without the negative ones.

They both were born in pairs.

The negative ones are still the shield to protect you from danger.

To think positively is just to fight against the negative thoughts.

The positive thought pulls your right arm.

The negative thought pulls your left arm.

While your existence cannot be destroyed,

you feel torn apart painfully.


So, should you not to think both?

Whenever you think negative,

be alert.

I heard the good advice.

Wear the wristband.

Hit yourself with it whenever you think negatively.


It will help you be aware of your thought.

You could realise that you are not your negative thought

but you could also misunderstood

that all thoughts are bad and must be eliminated.


That is your ignorance also.

No matter how bad your thoughts are

You need them to work

Otherwise you couldn’t calculate

you couldn’t innovate

even you couldn’t concentrate.




could not tell you stop thinking.

You, as human, are allowed to think

but instead of becoming the thought itself,

know it.

Relax yourself

and watch it.

Realize what you are thinking.

Your thoughts move like stream of river

They come

and they go.


The more you watch your thoughts,

the further you are from them.

Both negative and positive thoughts still exist

but they will no longer be problematic.


Mind is the dangerous master

also the honest servant.


Use it or being used.

Your choices.


    1. We dance with moonlight only at night, of course!

      If good things happen, enjoy it.
      If bad things happen, also enjoy it
      so that we can feel happiness.

      Thank you for your sharp thought.
      If you have the experience in dealing with your thought,
      feel free to share. ; )

      Jade the Mystic

      Liked by 1 person

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