Why Awareness is the Best to Deal with Subconscious Mind?

There are many situations you enjoy

like celebrating, having party, walking on the beach,

being with people we love and so on.


However, the painful situations also exist.

Accidents, natural disaster, crimes

Heartbroken and death of our beloved people


This world is cruel,

so you would like to remember

and recall only the joyful experience

again and again.


While you are carelessly suppressing the traumatic experience

into the subconscious mind

like when you hide the food neatly somewhere in your bedroom

so that no one could catch that you have it at night.




How long can you hide your food?

Someday, too much food will push out from the hidden place

from your bed, your desk and your furniture.

People, who entered to your room, could smell bad from it.

You could sense it when it has already been mess on the floor.


The smelly food is like the unpleasant traumatic experience

that you keep suppressing in your subconscious mind.

Someday what you seal away will appear

through your distress for no reason.

Irrational fear, anxiety, hysteria,

imagined paralyses and pain.

That is what the neurological science has observed.


It definitely damage your mental health

but you may get used to it

since the illness has been always with you.



if your illness resulted by the pain you accumulated so far

direct your thought and action.

If your beloved people did something that recall your pain,

you will “overreact” against them.

You have to feel sad

that you hurt people who love you unconsciously.

That is when you finally realise

that you are mentally sick.


Now it is time to clean your room.

Release your repressed memory

that is full by the past you cannot exist.

Recall your painful situations you has sealed away.

Reexperience them emotionally and intellectually.

Understand those situation in the healthy way

and you will be freed from your own old pain.


That is why psychoanalysis

hypnosis, trance, psychodrama,

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

or even reflexive coaching exist

to help you free from your past.



Those methods will not help you

since you are still “carelessly” suppressing what you hate.

If you experience the tragedy again,

will you suppress it, get ill from it,

hurt your beloved people

and be heal again and again?


Awareness is needed,

to realize the existence of pain.

Instead of sealing it away,

response it here and now.

so you don’t have to carry the past like the zombie.

you don’t have to remember anything.

You are free everyday.

You live your life every second.


Just be responsible.

Just be awake.



      1. I found that on my journey acceptance let my resistance to my fear exist. I would avoid some of the more fearful spaces in my past.

        Sort of tense up, protect myself.

        Then I found surrender. My chest, my heart was visualized as a butterfly net and I was tasked with catching my fear, my cortisol my anxiety.

        This opened my soul, left me exposed, vulnerable and in that space healing took root

        I would be interested in your insight into this


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        1. My pleasure to share with you.

          Fear, Tension, Protection. All are the way of ego.

          Ego is the false substitution.
          It comes when we forget our true selves.
          Ego will find ways to protect itself. It is cunning.
          It creates goals to achieve.

          Without awareness, we cannot transcend our mind
          that all goals, all protections
          were not worthwhile to achieve.
          They are all created from mind. They are all unreal.
          Although they are achieved, they disappear.
          One with ego never relax.

          It is like the nutshell of the cocoon.
          As you mentioned, surrender is the way to break it.
          Life is purposeless.
          That is what we can finally enlighten
          when we transcend our mind, relax.
          and grow the butterfly to you like you found.

          Ask many success gurus.
          All will suggest us not to give up.
          They will need more courage to do that.

          so is not to keep fighting that needs courage.
          but to surrender.

          Love your comment :))

          Jade the Mystic


          1. Thanks

            Yes the ego is us

            In Buddhas Brain Rick Hanson explains

            Who am I? Has no subject

            We create the ego,out of past memories, what we think of ours lives and especially what others think and how they treat us.

            From this conglomeration we create “I”. And then turn around and follow it, elevate him to admiral.

            When I was healing and finally stopped avoiding, running from anxiety and fear,the ego turned to enticing me.

            He does not care how he gets us to,leave this moment dissociation and thought are his tools of power

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          2. Nice exchanging ideas with someone I can tell has known a mind being empty and focused

            Mindfulness is so simple it only makes sense to those who have practiced and experienced organically

            My opinion again

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          3. That is the way to go, Marty.

            Remember, simple is right.

            Ego don’t like it. It needs difficult challenges.
            When they are achieved, ego is satisfied.

            The individual experience from mindfulness will gradually turn any belief unnecessary.

            When it comes to that point, individual cannot share his experience through any word.

            It is just like I tell you that I feel hot but you don’t feel hot with me.

            Great opinion. ; )
            Jade the Mystic


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