In Philosophy class,

students have been taught

in many schools of thought.





Lao Tzu

John Locke

These are the names that students learn a lot.


Students have practiced the critical thinking.

Think, think and think.

Deeper, better

to understand the realm of life and the world.


Now the final test came.

Students entered to the classroom.

There was a chair.

A chair that was on the table.


During the exam,

the professor with the staff detecting cheating

asked students only one question.

and that question was


“Prove that the chair is not on the table”.

He told them

that they could think of any theories and principles

that they have been studied so far.



students had had full power and knowledge

to write their own answers down.

Some asked for more and more papers

to be written more.


The exam was over

and the result was announced.

Believe it?

Only one student

who got A in that subject.

and others were fail the test!


Of course, most students went to that A guy

and asked him and answer.

Laughing out loud.

He didn’t “answer”

He wrote the question

back to the exam question.

That question is …



What is a chair?

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