Everyone wants to be number one.

Everyone fights to be the number one.

Flight like there is no one can stop her.


One thing that the one could not realize is that

no one can be number one forever.


One day everyone will know

that becoming the number one is foolish.

When one turns to be the number one,

that one will think

that there is no one can beat her,

so that one think she doesn’t have to improve and learn.

Once she loses her ability to learn and grow,

She is no one but walking corpse.


That one may achieve the number one

but another one is not foolish.

Another one can improve her potential

so she can be the next one

to become the number one.


Now death can deprive everything from everyone.

When one, who is the number one, was died,

the next one will become the number one.


So, one is just the number.

The number one has its duty to symbolize the position.

When one is replaced by another one,

the number one shall not be able to reflect one self.


Be the one that breathes deeply

realizes one self and everyone’s life

then enjoys one existence.

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